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Turkish law has specific requirements for different sectors or activities regarding the management and corporate governance. For example, in the board of a company that operates in the civil aviation there should be a person with Turkish nationality. Board members must have skills and competencies that are required by Turkish law and corporate governance rules.

When it comes to the Turkish branch of a Dutch company, it is important that there is someone here on board who knows the language and the Turkish legislation, has a solid network, can represent the company at a high level and has an understanding of the Turkish business and management culture. All these management skills are necessary for running successfully a business in Turkey.

Why BST Management Support?

•    In addition to knowledge of the Turkish regulations, we have extensive management experience. The combination of these is important for coordination between the Dutch parent company, the operations team in Turkey, the state organizations and third parties where certain services are outsourced.

•    Through our experience with Corporate Media Relations and marketing activities, combined with our extensive business network, we can represent the company at a high level and build corporate reputation.

•    From our experience with the Turkish business and management culture and our many local contacts, we are perfectly able to effectively implement the strategic plans of the Dutch parent company.

BST Management Support in brief:

You have an experienced local party who has the necessary knowledge to implement your strategic plans and realize corporate positioning.

Through BST you have the necessary information with regard to the Turkish laws and regulations and the Turkish business culture.

BST gives you all the necessary management support for a good start of your business in Turkey.

We ensure the building of corporate reputation for the company and relationships with potential customers with relevant organizations and other stakeholders.

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