BST Business Culture and Management Integration


Both foreign entrepreneurs who have started a new company in Turkey and expatriates from multinational companies to be stationed in Turkey are in need of Culture and Business Management Integration Support. The way Turkish employees must be coached and supported is different from other countries.

This support BST module is specifically aimed at integrating the two cultures with the aim that the manager understands the employees better, and that employees adapt to the mores prevailing in the foreign company.

As always with change management with cultural differences, it is a delicate process that needs to be addressed properly. Most important is the objective that the Turkish employees and operational management of the company should successfully implement the core business as soon as possible. That hardly ever succeeds by simply copying and imposing on employees the working processes that other international offices of the company are accustomed to.

BST Culture and Business Management Integration Support is eminently able to integrate the two cultures with each other and to achieve mutual understanding. That work processes should be designed that meet the business requirements of the company, is a given. The problem is in how to do it.

Why BST Business and Culture Management Integration Support?

 ·    It takes time to become familiar with the business culture. An expatriate manager has limited time to successfully roll out the strategy of the company. The support of BST is aimed at making the manager in a short time familiar with the most effective approach.

·     BST knows your language and culture as well as the Turkish, and helps you to quickly understand the specific differences and integrate.

·     BST sees where the differences are between the work of the parent company and the acquired Turkish company and shares this experience, enabling you to use local talent fast, effectively and in the best way to achieve your targets successfully.

·     BST helps you to quickly develop the necessary knowledge and skills so you can deal with a business relationship, or with employees in the workplace, just as effective as in your own culture.

BST Culture and Business Management Integration Support in brief:

  • Guiding and coaching managers, teams and entrepreneurs for a orientation of the Turkish business culture.
  • Guidance in the workplace from an intercultural perspective.
  • Intercultural management training for individuals and team designed according to the needs.
  • Intercultural adaptation and integration of parent company's requirement for the Turkish branch

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