BST Administrative Support

Sometimes it is not immediately advisable for a foreign investor to invest in renting a building and hiring staff to perform administrative activities. You can also save these high capital costs in the first stage by having this work performed as a service by BST Administrative Support.

This allows you to focus on your core business, for instance sales, and thus make a head start with minimal investment. Even from abroad. Once your business has created a successful basis, you can take the right steps to build your own administrative organization.

Why BST Administrative Support?

  • BST delivers Business Office Services in a modern, well-known corporate location, with all the requirements of a comfortable workplace with the associated back-office services and meeting rooms.
  •  BST can perform these tasks by proxy, so you as an entrepreneur may not even need to be in or travel through Turkey.
  •  BST is familiar with all legal requirements applicable to the administrative organization of an enterprise in Turkey.
  •  BST acts as your trustee and business representative at your office location in Turkey.
  •  BST knows the Turkish business culture, laws and regulations, and has a very large network in business and government, so that we can solve all common issues.
  •  BST is led by people with over 20 years of business experience in Turkey.

BST Administrative Support in brief:

Depending on your needs, the administration may include, inter alia, tracking and paying the monthly fees like taxes that are legally required.

Paying salary of the employee(s) and payroll administration.

 Fulfilling the requirements of the social security and welfare office.

Conducting and coordinating the work to be carried out, for example, bank(s), staff organizations, trade shows and leasing companies.

Financial administration.

Back office and service desk services.

Coordinating and conducting import/export operations and associated logistics.

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