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Turkey has significant experience in a wide range of business service lines, such as engineering services and contracting, testing and technical analysis, call centers, auditing and accounting, law advisory services, healthcare, transport, retail, as well as consulting and financial services.

As the private sector increasingly focuses on customer services, Turkey’s call center and business process outsourcing (BPO) sector has achieved considerable growth in recent years. In addition to thousands of business centers with services for telecom operators, airlines and financial institutions, the sector is set for further growth owing to demand drivers such as a young and skilled work force, strategic geographic position, and government incentives aiming to increase growth in underdeveloped regions. The list of major companies with BPO units in Turkey includes Vodafone, Lufthansa, ING Bank and DHL.

Testing and technical analysis sector has been demonstrating an increasing trend in its turnover and with a positive CAGR of 21% between 2005 and 2011 The technical testing and analysis sector is expected to continue its growth and reach TL 1,905 million as its related industries such as manufacturing and chemicals are expected to develop.

Meanwhile, legal advisory services, consulting, and financial services also play a crucial role in Turkey’s economy. Turkey’s vibrant economy and improved business environment has resulted in the growth of consulting services in Turkey. Legal advisory, consulting and financial services According to Euromonitor International, legal advisory services turnover will reach TL 6,522 million whereas consulting will reach TL 40,460 million by 2017 due to Turkey’s vibrant business environment.

Major global companies in these sectors now have their offices in Turkey. According to Euromonitor International, turnover of the legal advisory services sector will reach USD 3 billion by 2017, whereas turnover in consulting will reach USD 19 billion. In addition, as new regulations come into force and Turkey aspires to have compatible standards with the EU the business sector will continue to grow.

With its existing potential and ambitious targets for 2023, Turkey offers great opportunities for investors. The country’s growing commercial and industrial output attracts an increasing number of enterprises, particularly in the business services sector.



Source: İspat

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