We are a non-profit social organisation according to Turkish law who is managed only by volunteers from many different countries and backgrounds. According to Turkish law we have to pay for an office, a lawyer and an accountant. Our books and decisions are approved by the Board of Controllers during the Annual General Meeting which takes place in May. All net profits will be donated to charity organisations.

With our common vision to give something back our aim is to provide a friendly platform for international women to share, collaborate, network and learn across borders. From women for women we volunteer to serve best in various ways, for example:

  • Making new friends and enhance friendship across borders between international women
  • Widen our (personal/business) network
  • Build up a new business (self-employed women)
  • Entertain in various ways by offering events and gatherings from members and externals for members
  • Support with information and recommendations whenever needed to ease relocation
  • Raising money for charity organisations in Istanbul/Turkey to make a change/ to contribute something while living in Turkey/Istanbul

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