Marty van Veluw

Our company, Sim-Finance, recently utilized the services of BST in the setup of a branch office in the Turkish Free Trade Zone in Istanbul. Normally this can be an extremely convoluted process, but for a foreign company it is even more so. Before we could even begin, the authorities had to be convinced that there would be added value for Turkey by allowing us to operate in the Free Zone. Once given the green light, the necessary permits had to be obtained from various authorities, including the Ministry of Economy, the Free Zone and the Foreign Investment General Management.

The amount and scope of paperwork alone that was required was staggering. From the Turkish embassy in the Netherlands to the notary in Turkey and back to the courts in the Netherlands, legally approved documentation had to be obtained, completed, notarized, approved and stamped, all in a timely fashion. Translations had to be made and deadlines had to be met.BST, in the person of Semiha Ünal, aided us in navigating all of these complex matters, allowing us to expedite lengthy processes whenever possible, and to establish our business securely and correctly in Turkey, avoiding many possible pitfalls along the way. Her knowledge of regulations and procedures, her experience with Turkish and Dutch business culture, and not least of all, our ability to communicate with her in Dutch, as she is fluent in both languages, were invaluable to us during this period. As a further testament to her hard work and commitment and our mutual trust, we have asked Semiha to serve as a board member of our Flight School in Dalaman (SAA). It is almost impossible to overemphasize how complicated it can be for a foreign company establish a business in Turkey, and we extend our gratitude to BST and especially to Semiha for streamlining what could have been a much more difficult process!

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