We believe in Turkey

Turkish business world and entrepreneurs which bunched up following the coup attempt on July 15th are continuing to explain the whole world concerned facts and the love of Turkey for democracy.

KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) is one of the organizations that stepped into swift action right after unlucky incidents experienced. KAGIDER has been submitting “messages of confidence” on various platforms (using various channels) in order to overcome hesitations/concerns of local investors as well as encourage foreign investors to keep up with their continuing projects .

KAGIDER which started a viral campaign under the title “Believe in Turkey” with the participation of own members as well as other NGIs over its social media accounts, had videos made and published/circulated/broadcasted in 6 languages.

In these videos, women entrepreneurs who are members of the organization personally conveyed the message “We are at work and over with the crisis. You too, believe in us and continue to be here in Turkey”. You can watch multi-language videos vocalized by Semiha UNAL to represent Turkey, on our page.


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