Turkey-Netherlands Business Council of DEIK have stepped into action to improve mutual investment between Turkey and Holland.

After the team up, the Turkey-Netherlands Business Council of DEIK, headed by the Chairperson Murat Özyeğin,  have stepped into action to improve mutual investments between the two countries. After two internal meetings in which they set up their strategy for the coming term,  the business council came together with the Dutch Ambassador and Consul General in a meeting organized at the DEIK office on February 17th. Members of the council accompanying Murat OZYEGIN, head of the business council hosted Mr. Kees VAN RIIJ, Dutch Ambassador recently appointed to Ankara and Mr. Robert SCHUDDEBOOM, Dutch Consul General.Both parties shared ideas about how to develop and strengthen their existing mutual business relations with each other and investments.

The business forum as part of the Mixed Economic Committee Meeting planned to be held in the Netherlands and led by Minister ELİTAŞ in the coming months and some projects in specific industries were the main topics on the agenda.

The fact that the Netherlands is an important re-export center in Europe, the function of Rotterdam Port as a major distribution center and the commercial and economic relations between two countries which have increased but do not reflect the actual potential, are considered to be the most important reasons for the activities of the Turkey-Netherlands Business Council which was established in 1993.

Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) has participated in the “The Coordination Committee” formed in 2012 as part of the celebration for the 400th year of establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands and contributed to events and activities realized in this context.

DEIK Turkey-Netherlands Business Council has taken part in this process as well as in the coordination of high-level events and visits realized in Turkey and the Netherlands in order to improve mutual investments.

The new business council was formed after the Elective General Assembly of DEIK at October 26, 2015. Since that time the business council had a meeting at 04th of December 2015 and 10th of February 2016. 

As of priority, Turkey-Netherlands Business Council targets development of business opportunities in sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure construction, innovative technologies and renewable energy.

The Netherlands which is among strong countries in terms of economy, in contrary to its small land and population, plays an important role in international politics and economy. The Netherlands considers Turkey to be an important partner and has ranked among top three countries that have invested in Turkey most, for years.

The role of the Turkey-Netherlands Business Council is to expand the possibilities of investments between Turkey and the Netherlands which still has some room for improvement.


Semiha ÜNAL,Vice Chairperson Turkey-Netherlands Business Council

Managing Director Business Support Turkey (S4U)

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