Foreign investor keeps confidence in Turkey

Turkey as a country has attributed great importance to energy investments during the recent years in specific to reach 2023 targets in economy. Within this framework many projects have been brought to the agenda and in fact many several have already been contracted.

Speaking to a Turkish news agency, Mr. Mario DIEL president of Energy Council of Foreign Investors commented that the normalization process with Russia and Israel and the decision of the foreign investors to make full-scale resumption of operations in the country were the most important indicators of confidence in Turkey. The President also assessed the expectations of foreign investors in Turkey for the next year.

Diel expressed satisfaction of the association regarding the decision of the members to continue their investment in Turkey and said "The decision of the German EWE Holding to increase investments in Turkey and the announcement made by the Danish Commodities of Denmark declaring their confidence in Turkey had become stronger had been among the important developments experienced in Turkey last year”.

The president went on to say that the contribution of the Turkish Government and Mr. Berat ALBAYRAK in specific and the sustainable policies implemented and followed for investors to continue their operations in Turkey had made it possible for the energy sector to live through the undesired atmosphere in 2016 with minimum impact.

Mario Diel said Turkey had suffered from the coup attempt on Jul 15th last year as well as the war in Syria and added “Turkey struggled FETo and PKK terror organizations simultaneously. Negative developments such as the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, the election of Donald Trump as the president of the USA America and the weakening of the Turkish lira were among the events that affected the Turkish economy and therefore the energy sector, in a negative manner. Despite such undesired developments, the normalization process with Russia and Israel and the fact that the foreign investors have decided to continue their operations in the country is the most important indicator of confidence in Turkey. "

Diel pointed out that effort to increase the power of renewable energies in Turkey continued in 2016 as well and expressed that compared to many European countries, the government's implementation of guaranteed tariffs for generation of electricity from renewable energy would support new investments and reduction of bureaucratic processes in the energy sector as compared to previous years and the incentives to be applied would have a positive reflection on the sector, as well.

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