Dutch and Turkish Companies take initiative to employ Syrian refugees

Meeting with Lilianne Ploumen, Foreign Trade and Development Minister of the Netherlands

Signing ceremony for a letter of intent in regards to providing of employment for Syrian citizens by Dutch companies located in Turkey was realized with the participation of Lilianne Ploumen (Foreign Trade and Development Minister of the Netherlands), Ömer Cihad VARDAN (DEIK Chairperson), Murat ÖZYEGIN (Head of DEIK Turkey-Netherlands Business Council), Cornelis van RIJ (Dutch Ambassador) in Istanbul, on May 2th 2016.

The survey/research that was undertaken by the Dutch Embassy to provide job opportunities and create employment for 2,7 million Syrian refugees living in Turkey, revealed the support extended by Dutch companies located in Turkey in regards to employment of Syrian workers. The survey targets full time employment of Syrian citizens by a Dutch company operating in Turkey, following a six month training and support period. As a result of this agreement, concerned Dutch companies signed a letter of intent in the presence of Ms. PLOUMEN (The Dutch Minister), to create employment for said Syrian refugees, providing similar opportunities and conditions to those provided for Turkish citizens.

Lilianne PLOUMEN who delivered a speech at the ceremony said it was gratifying to see that continued efforts since last year had come to its current stage and also expressed there was much more work waiting for us to be accomplished.

On the other hand Mr. VARDAN (chairperson of DEIK) drew attention to timing of this initiative with U.N. World Humanitarian Summit and commented that the initiative was a good example. Mr. VARDAN who emphasized similar initiatives should be repeated and such support meant an opportunity for Syrian refugees to lead a life with human dignity, beyond being a one-time financial support such as funding, donation etc.

At the end of the ceremony the Dutch and Turkish companies that were present at this meeting signed a letter of intent for employing Syrian refugees. 

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