DEIK and Enterprise Ireland sign cooperation agreement to improve trade between Turkey & Ireland

Mr. Joe McHugh (responsible for “diaspora and foreign development aid systems/campaigns/affairs” of Ireland), Mr. Rona Yırcalı (DEIK board member), Mr. M Hakan Karaalioğlu (chairperson of DEIK Turkey-Irish Business Council), Mr. Jonathan Ryan (Turkey director of Enterprise Ireland), Mr. Joe Breslin (regional director of SEMEAI, Enterprise Ireland) and business representatives from both countries attended the signing ceremony of said agreement.


Mr. Joe McHugh (Minister) commented as follows at the signing ceremony of the agreement:


“Ireland and Turkey are two countries that have strong trade relations. The bilateral trade volume between our countries stands at Euro 1,3 billion, as of today. We are pleased that many Irish companies are operational and create employment in Turkey. I evaluate the memorandum of understanding signed between Enterprise Ireland and DEIK as a very important stage in our trade cooperation and believe this agreement is to reflect very favorable contributions in favor of both countries, in the coming years.”


Mr. Rona YIRCALI (DEIK board member) talking at the ceremony mentioned the following:

“Despite the fact that Turkey and Ireland are far from each other geographically, both countries have always been in close contact. Our mutual relations started strengthening in 1990s. For the welfare of our people, we need to improve investment connections, capital flow, tourism, services and share know-how, more efficiently. A much bigger potential exists to make our trade economic relations more sustainable and diversified in many sectors. The private sector in Turkey is very enthusiastic to take economic relations between Turkey and Ireland further. Turkey-Ireland Business Council under the umbrella of DEIK have been working in this direction since 1994. This cooperation agreement signed between DEIK and Enterprise Ireland is going to support our business people to establish direct business relations and contribute to enhancement of cooperation between our countries and friendship between our people.”


M. Hakan Karaalioğlu (Chairperson for DEIK/Turkey-Ireland Business Council) made following speech; “As DEIK, we believe this cooperation agreement signed with Enterprise Ireland which we have been cooperating for a long while, is an important step. We believe this agreement besides establishment of strong economic relations will also make it possible to strengthen cultural ties. Both countries have common memories and both cultures are currently connected to each other in several aspects. The most important thing we should do is to bring peoples of our both countries so that they can get to know each other better. This way we can contribute to progress of our economies.”


Jonathan Ryan (Enterprise Ireland Director) stated: 'As Enterprise Ireland, we strive to improve already existing ties and friendship between companies in Ireland and Turkey. Our efforts have been more intensified after opening of our Turkey office in 2014. It is encouraging/motivating to see the trade between Ireland and Turkey has gone up by 32 percent. This situation also reflects the power of technology sector in trade. Likewise

A strong performance in Turkish exports to Ireland is also in question and developments in this area are being built on Turkey’s perfect production infrastructure.


I thank DEIK for the memorandum of understanding we have signed today.  We believe working with an experienced establishment such as DEIK will provide much contribution to further strengthening of trade relations between the two countries.'

As vice chairperson for Turkey-Ireland Business Council I believe that this will be a start of a fruitful business relation with Ireland.

Semiha Unal

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