Crucial Factor for expatriate success: Adjusting to the Business Culture

Crucial Factor for expatriates success: Adjusting to the Business Culture 

When expatriate executives arrive in Turkey, they usually have to cope with main issues having to do with their families, the new country and other personal issues. To be more specific: challenges such as relocation process, setting up a new life with children and spouse, dealing  with different legislation and cultural adjustment

Whereas, the actual reason for their presence in Turkey is to accomplish the duty they are assigned in the most successful way during their stay in this country that is “to do business”.

Based on a survey, 20 percent of the expatriates cannot display the performance they normally show in their home country and 80 percent say they need time to adapt to a new business environment with a different culture.

In fact, it is possible for an expatriate to adapt to the new situation by getting to know the differences in business culture, understanding them and taking required precautions in which case differences can be converted into advantages paving the way to success.

Talking about success, the most important objective to achieve is “the implementation of the core business by the Turkish employees and operational management” soonest possible. However, this hardly ever realizes by simply copying and imposing on employees the working processes that other international offices of the company are accustomed to.

This is exactly where the need for expertise and related skills come in the picture.  We as BST see to it that different cultures are integrated to one another and a mutual understanding required for a smooth and effective running of business is achieved between the expatriate executive and Turkish staff within the shortest time possible.

Why BST “Business and Culture Management Integration” Support?

•                It takes time to become familiar with the business culture. An expatriate executive has limited time to successfully roll out the strategy of the company. The support of BST is aimed at making the executive familiar with the most effective approach in the shortest time possible.

•                BST knows your language and culture as well as the Turkish language and culture and helps you to quickly understand the specific differences and integrate.

•                BST sees where the differences are between the work of the parent company and the acquired Turkish company and shares this experience, enabling you to use local talent fast, effectively and in the best way to achieve your targets with success.

•                BST helps you to quickly develop the necessary knowledge and skills so you can deal with a business relationship or with employees in the workplace, just as effective as you would do in your own culture.

How do we achieve this?

BST Culture and Business Management Integration Support in brief:


•                Guiding and coaching of executives or business professionals for a quick adaptation of the Turkish business culture.

•                Guidance in the workplace from an intercultural perspective.

•                Intercultural management training based on the needs per individual or group

•                Intercultural adaptation of the requirements of the parent company in the Turkish branch. 

To recap, BST is honored to be at the service of expatriate professionals for a guaranteed performance and successful results in Turkey thanks to its experience and expertise in this area. All you need to do is to give us a ring or send a mail and we will take care of the rest.

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