“We create alternatives for foreign undertakings in Turkey”

Solutions for You (S4U), which performs business management consulting activities, supports foreign companies that want to do business with Turkish entrepreneurs.

‘We are acting as a local service partner and are overcoming their barriers of language, business culture and legislations” said S4U General Manager Semiha Ünal, expressing that they offer  alternative solutions for Dutch companies which do not want to invest directly at the first stage. Ünal stated that they provide all corporate services from a single point, from the preliminary research required for investment to the provision of domestic partners and from the creation of a legal entity to temporary administrative support.

Some cases are: If a Dutch company with investments or business connections in Turkey needs to purchase equipment and materials in order to do sales in this country or in other countries in the region, the company can benefit in terms of price and transportation costs by outsourcing or placing those orders for intermediate goods from Turkish companies.

Another example:

In the case of a Dutch shipyard holding company that received an order for some electrical equipment from a Turkish shipyard company, it can and should outsource a complementary part of its components or allow it to be produced by this Turkish shipyard.

And a third example :

A foreign capital entity based in Turkey has the option to send its well-trained and experienced Turkish workforce to surrounding countries on project basis. This will shorten the period required for the employees’ adaptation and/or orientation and will make it possible to use more low-cost labor compared to those in the country of origin.

Thus, in the case of a European company that has an entity and a qualified technical labor force in Turkey is able to send it personnel to, say, Africa and Eastern Europe - such as the case of energy projects that are realized in the surrounding countries outside of Turkey - and are performed as subcontracted engineering. In doing so, the company can make use of qualified and low cost workforce while saving costs.

Without going further with examples, there's really a lot at Solutions For You to create a competitive advantage for your business in Turkey - if you allow us to assist and show you how.

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